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Thank you so much for visiting Massage Plus. I am sad to say I have decided to close the doors of Massage Plus. It was not an easy decision, but I hope that is the right decision for me. I am not discontinuing my massage practice just getting away from doing a high volume of clientele. If you wish to schedule an in home session, please call or text 586-265-2431.  I do require all appointments be scheduled in advance. (I am happy to honor any outstanding gift cards at this time too.)



P.S. It is a work in progress but check out my new blog Adding to Your Health. Here I discuss my journey to a grain & dairy free lifestyle for diabetes, DYI pain relief/Health management & what ever else pops into my head.

 New Client Rates

$89 for 60 Min Session

$129 for 90 Min Session

Simple pricing. No Tipping. No Extras

Existing Massage Plus Client Rates*

$70 for 60 Min Session

$100 for 90 Min Session

Just like before. $10 for each enhancement + gratuity

*Wellness Plan members receive an additional discount*